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25UP started as a street corner protest that quickly grew into a movement fueled by community members fighting for positive change across California's 25th Congressional District.

BOARD MEMBERS Hilary Schardein

​Hilary Schardein is a teacher currently working with adult learners who are pursuing United States citizenship following her 8 years of experience teaching English at Title 1 schools throughout Southern California. She has been active in politics since she was 17 and a lifelong Democrat and progressive. She is a proud social justice warrior who believes that we all benefit from breaking down barriers to progress and equality in all their forms. She has been happily married for 10 years and has two young children who inspire her daily to keep fighting to make the world a better place. In addition to her work with 25UP, she serves on the executive board of Radio Free Santa Clarita and FeedSCV's Community Advisory board. She is a resident of Santa Clarita and graduate of Scripps College and Claremont Graduate University.



​Philip Germain has been a proud resident of SCV for over 15 years and has been involved in politics since the ripe old age of 11. He started as an intern and became a campaign finance staffer, doing everything in his power to get Democrats elected. After the pain of November 8th, 2016 he decided to found CA25 United for Progress to help people get organized. He has been proud to grow this organization and help so many people become engaged and make a difference. When he's not organizing, you can find him at UCLA working on a PoliSci degree, taking a flight lesson, or traveling.

Founder & Vice-Chair


Rick Eaton is a Senior Researcher with the Simon Wiesenthal Center/Museum of Tolerance and is the Co-Director of the Center’s Digital Terrorism and Hate Project. Over his 33 years with SWC, Rick has investigated Domestic Extremism and Terrorism in North America, South America and Europe. He has produced all 21 editions of the Center’s interactive Digital Terrorism and Hate Report and has testified in multiple Congressional hearings and briefings on Capitol Hill. Rick is a certified instructor with California P.O.S.T. (Peace Officer Standards and Training), has taught hundreds of law enforcement classes across the U.S. and Canada.  He has also been a subject matter expert on 12 instructional “Tele-Courses” produced by P.O.S.T. 


RICK EATON Chitra Rameswaram

Chitra Rameswaram has lived all over the world, but she moved to California on 2001 and is never leaving. She started her own bookkeeping and accounting firm upon arriving and has long-lasting business relationships with several clients in the 661 and beyond. Chitra has greatly enjoyed witnessing the gradual increase of Democratic presidential candidate bumper stickers in the SCV every four years. She looks forward to actively increasing the number by 2020. 

Assistant Treasurer


​Bonnie Eaton is a lifelong Democrat who has lived in Santa Clarita for over 22 years. She is a member of Democratic Alliance for Action, the North Valley Democratic Club and is a founding member of 25 United for Progress. Bonnie has been active in multiple Presidential, Congressional, State Senate, State Assembly and other campaigns by hosting meet and greets, canvassing, phone-banking, sign waving and any activity that will help get progressives elected. She is concerned about the environment, women’s issues, immigration and saving the ACA and Planned Parenthood. She is a member of the Sierra Club, Moms Against Gun Violence and has volunteered for Pet Assistance.

Membership Chair

BONNIE EATON Michael Kulka

​Michael Kulka is a local Realtor and a small business owner. Having lived in the Santa Clarita area for over 22 years he has become increasingly involved in local politics hoping to make our elected officials more responsive to the citizens rather than to the established one-party control that now exists. He has served in leadership of a local political club, as well as for, Los Angeles County and California State organizations. He attended Culver Military Academy and Tulane University.

Board Member

MICHAEL KULKA Sebastian Cazares

Sebastian Cazares is a student organizer and lifelong resident of CA-25. After years of state and national recognition with Speech and Model United Nations, humanitarian projects for Rotary club, and local activism and campaign work, Sebastian is passionate about positive change through 25UP and NextUP. Sebastian was elected to be College of the Canyons’ Student Government Preisdent. Coming from a family of Mexican immigrants and Puerto Ricans affected by Hurricane Maria, he is dedicated to a life of advocacy for issues such as immigrant's rights, civil rights, economic justice, universal healthcare, empowering the youth, and fighting other injustices to make a better nation and community.

NextUP Representative